Authors: Diego Punta Fernández, Maria Laura Iribarren & Rolando Garibotti
Size folded 8” x 3 ½”, Size opened 8” x 26 ¼”
Laminated paper
Available in English or Spanish

The purpose of this field guide is to share the results of our research on the origins of the names given to the most famous natural sites of the northern area of Los Glaciares National Park: mountains, rivers and lakes.
Toponymy is far from static, men modify names as time goes by. In some cases, several words coexist to name the same place; in other cases, some toponyms were lost or modified without clear reasons. Few of the names used by the old Tehuelche people have survived.
Most of the toponyms that we use today arose from explorers, travelers, settlers and sports expeditions during the last 100 years. We hope you will find this incomplete approach to the toponymy of the area a good companion in this fabulous Patagonian region.